Andrew Valdez

Actor - Filmmaker

Andrew Valdez

Hair: Black
Height: 6’3”

Weight: 168 lbs
Eyes: Brown



Production Company


Much Ado About Nothing
The Audience
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
Philistines by Maxim Gorky
Bad Blood

Chorus Member

University of Regina
University of Regina
University of Regina
University of Regina
Curtain Razors/U of R

Kelly Handerek
Gerald Lenton-Young
Gerald Lenton-Young
David Zoob
Joey Tremblay


Modern Mimes
Queen City Blues
The Mud Dreams
Basic Human Needs
World’s Worst Dominatrix
Fragments of Penny
Patient 62*
Lost Valley
Merry What??**
Rock Bottom

I Lived with a Killer –
Playboy Bunny Killer Paul Snider


Prairie Cat Productions
Factory Factory Ent.
Prairie Cat Productions
University of Regina
Basic Human Needs Prod.
Brown/Mazil Productions
Prairie Cat Productions
Factory Factory Ent.
Practical Pioneer Pictures
Prairie Cat Productions
Character Flaw Prod.
Character Flaw Prod.
Wavelength Ent.

Lucas Frison
Chad Hehr
Lucas Frison
Mohammad Saadoun
Matt Yim
Neil Schell
Lucas Frison
Bryce Schlamp
Patrick Acuña
Lucas Frison
Andrew Valdez & Jason Truong
Rick Anthony & Bryce Schlamp
Steve Allen

*2017: Best Supporting Actor Nominee Macabre Faire Film Festival (New York City)
**2018: Best Actor Nominee Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards

Training: University of Regina & Globe Theatre SK

Acting: KellyHanderek, Gerald Lenton-Young
Voice: Kelly Handerek
Film/TV: Kathryn Bracht
Shakespeare: Kelly Handerek
Movement Intensive Workshop (Globe Theatre SK): Johanna Bundon
Improv Intensive Workshop (Globe Theatre SK): Jayden Pfeifer
Voice Intensive Workshop (Globe Theatre SK): Cathy MacKinnon
Character Half Mask Intensive Workshop (Globe Theatre SK): Perry Schneiderman
Stanislavsky Method Intensive Workshop (Globe Theatre SK): Ruth Smillie
Acting Back to Basics Artist Lab (Globe Theatre SK): Scott Hurst
Voice and Vulnerability Artist Lab (Globe Theatre SK): Kris Alvarez
Contemporary Movement: Improvisation & Creation Artist Lab (Globe Theatre SK): Belle Brown-McEwen
Preparing an Audition Artist Lab (Globe Theatre SK): Andrew Ritchie
Awareness Through Movement Artist Lab (Globe Theatre SK): Johanna Bundon
Fitzmaurice Voicework Artist Lab (Globe Theatre SK): Traci Foster
Private Breath & Movement Training: Johanna Bundon
Private Shakespeare Coaching: Kelly Handerek
Commercials: List upon request

Special Skills

Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish
Pop & Lock dancing
Drive automatic
Stunt training: Falling & Striking
Hapkido Martial Arts Training: Orange Belt

Click to enlarge my face if you dare

Let me tell ya a thing or two about me:

Fiction: I am totally able to do the Smooth Criminal lean without any assistance from a wall, my legs, or someone tying a fishing line to my waist and pulling me (…and inevitably dropping me…sorry face)

One thing is for sure: I love to learn!

I love getting up at 8:00 am on Sunday mornings to attend my local Globe Theatre’s Artist Labs. These are classes led by acclaimed theatre practitioners from all over Canada!

Sometimes I remind myself of that eager lab tech person in crime shows…you know, the really smart but socially awkward guy they keep in the back away from all the sane, well-adjusted people ha – Oh! like Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds! Nailed it.

Fact: My first real non-peck like kiss was on a film set (Hard to believe I know).

Always the platonic best friend never the lover haha.

Fiction: I have been cast on occasions purely due to my mesmerizing kissing technique. I was the world’s first certified lip double.

I love that I pushed myself to join Hapkido after debating the matter for a week in August 2018. Boom… a year later I’m an orange belt baby!

Fact: I achieved my yellow belt in Hapkido just a couple months shy of a year after I started formal training.

Fiction: I have killed three martial arts masters by pulling their hearts out of their chest like in poorly dubbed kung-fu movies. They were honorable deaths indeed.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all shakespearean gravitas in my world. Just between us…at night I enjoy shining a laser pointer into my neighbors living room. Imagining how annoyed he must feel that some dumb kid is ruining Sports Centre brings a wicked delight to my soul. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Fact: I am fluent in Spanish and speak it like the devil dancing in flamenco shoes.

Fiction: I also speak gibberish, which I sometimes use to get out of boring meetings.

I have been told that I can occasionally become the obnoxious, loud, and comedic best friend. That’s only because I can occasionally get slightly carried away when I’m with people I love.

Fact: I am a self-taught MJ style dancer. Have been practicing since I was sixteen years old.

To be honest, most times I can’t wait to leave any event that takes place in a pub or nightclub to go home and watch Joe Gordon-Levitt in “The Lookout” (Most of you will not know that movie uh…sigh. Such a shame…Scott Frank wrote and directed that ya know).

I love that I have a large family spread out all over the world. Everywhere I go people know me…I’m kind of a big deal 😉 There is a giant presidential portrait of me hanging above my fireplace, which I admire every morning wearing my bathrobe made of chinchilla. I also own many landscape photography coffee table books . However, I do not own a coffee table because I do not drink coffee, therefore I refuse to buy a coffee table dang it! Whew…got kind of ranty there huh…

Fact: I own a lightsaber…that is all.

Fiction: I have very strong feelings about purchasing furniture that contradicts my beliefs. I don’t let dumbwaiters in my house. Nobody with an I.Q. higher than mine is allowed! Just FYI for when my birthday roles around. 

I love that I have never been offended by any movie, comedian, inappropriate relative or other media related content. I simply laugh. It’s entertainment people. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. As far as the inappropriate relative goes…You can always “take care of them” haha kidding – how often do you see them anyways!

If you’re still on this page by this point, I have three things to say to you:

Wow! Thank you so much for your time and amaze balls attention span!

Also, Geez! you must really not have a life. Haha! It’s all good. That makes two of us!

Truthfully, there is nothing I could write here that could truly give you an authentic view of who I am. That takes time and one on one contact. I will say that I am sincerely grateful that you have taken the time to visit my website. Many wonderful, honorable, and intelligent people helped create it. Hopefully, this has given you a snapshot of what is important to me and how I can be of service. Many thanks and best wishes to you in all your life endeavors.

To Be Continued…→ (Cue Back To The Future End Theme)

In person maybe…

Andrew Valdez

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Self Represented. I am able and willing to travel for work.